5 Ways to Celebrate (Not Mourn) Summer's End

It’s been a whirlwind summer full of worldwide adventures (which you likely know if you follow @natty_style!) But with Labor Day and New York Fashion Week on the calendar, the tides are shifting as folks return from vacation and prepare to get back to 'real' life.

For me, this means deciding where I want to re-root myself, having recently passed along my lovely West Village apartment to a friend in favor of a nomadic summer. Will it be a new place in New York? A bungalow in Venice Beach? A more formal bicoastal split between New York and LA? TBD… But until then, I’m celebrating this suitcase life (thank God for SWISSGEAR) and untethered state by popping around to various hotels and friend’s homes - giving me new ways to experience the city I’ve called home for a decade. (This week I thought it only appropriate to stay at The Tuscany, having just returned from the real thing!)

So while many of my friends are mourning the end of summer, I’m excited for what the changing seasons will mean for me. But even if you’re not in the midst of a transition, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate summer’s end, or at least cheer yourself as you tearfully pack up your bikinis.


How many times did you invite someone to coffee or a dinner party only to realize from their Instagram that they’re off galavanting somewhere far away? With vacation season over, there's nothing better than reconnecting with everyone back in town. Why not get friends together for a pot-luck reunion dinner or series of dinners where everyone brings something from (or inspired by) somewhere they went this summer? Hook up the Apple TV and share photos and swap stories.

Old is New Again

Admit it. Going to your same-old local spots feels comforting after a busy summer. Having been away is a great excuse to revisit your old favorites with new appreciation. Or, if the thought of returning to old habits bores you - ask your friends for their favorites, and build a new routine. Come September, you'll find me polishing up my nails at the all natural Hortus Nailworks, brunching on curried egg bowls at C&B cafe and sipping coconut/butter blended 'Crack Coffee' at Hu Kitchen

Also...New is New Again

Fall is the most popular time for new restaurant openings, quality movies, theater openings and the return of your fave TV shows. Take the opportunity to try a new restaurant, bar or theater every week. I am excited about healthy new lunch spots like Cava Grill and poke bowls from Union Fare, and I can't wait to try "hippie chicano" grub at Lalo and local veggie centric small plates at ABC alumn, Dan Kluger's first solo venture.

September Weather

Wherever you live, chances are that September and October offer some of the best weather all year. Whether it’s the late, extended heat of Indian summer or the first breezes of autumn - the coming months are always a win. Take advantage and spend as much time as you can outdoors biking, picnicking in the park or catching the end of baseball season and the beginning of football season with games outside. And thanks to this temperate climate, the bounty of summer transitions from berries and corn to fall favorites like apples, pears and cauliflower at your local farmers market. 

Fall Trips

Ok so this is all about returning from travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get out of town during the fall. September through December are some of my favorite months for semi-local, weekend escapes. Think apple picking outside of the city, pumpkin picking in the Berkshires, fall foliage in upstate New York and harvest season in Napa Valley.

On that note, stay tuned for some of my favorite recommended locations in future posts!



Thank you The Tuscany for hosting me!

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