5 Ways to Get Happy & Clean in 2017

Oh hey 2017, there you are. From a global perspective, 2016 was a wild one–so we’re happy to see you kick it to the curb and take it’s place with a lucky number 7.

January on the other hand–you’re a mixed bag. With the holidays behind us and plenty of winter still ahead, it’s easy to get bummed out. In the New Year, we enthusiastically promise to detox our diet, purge the closet, streamline our social lives or kick habits. “No drinking in 2017!” “Bye-bye sugar!” “Only an hour of TV a week!” While these resolutions are valiant in theory, making sacrifices can be challenging, especially when we’re kinda … bummed out. 

So I prefer to think of January as a time to indulge, but with an eye on the future. Rather than yolo-ing your way to future self-disappointment the way you might in December, now is an opportunity to nourish ourselves from the inside out, while setting our intention for the coming year. Sure, it's cold, and it gets dark early. GREAT! Why not take advantage and... 

Go to bed earlier?

Make your bed a sanctuary with beautiful bedding, and create a nighttime ritual that you look forward to. For me, that includes lighting a candle and reading or meditating for 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Catch up on films from the nominated list for Awards Season?

Skip the trashy TV and unwind with something that won’t melt your brain and TV time will feel a lot less guilty. The Golden Globes kick it off on January 8th! 

Clean out your beauty cabinet?

A dietary detox is great, but a toxic beauty regime can be as scary as processed food. Seize this opportunity to ditch harmful products in favor of those that will make you look and feel good. 

Clean out your closet?

Chances are, you only wear 1/3 of your closet. I know I'm right, because it's what I do for a living! Holding onto the rest is like holding onto unwanted baggage. Here's how to go about clearing it out, then make an effort to be a more conscious consumer by buying only what you absolutely love. 

Do the things you never make time to do?

Maybe it's time to buy that book you've had in your Amazon cart for weeks? Crack open the cookbook your parents gave you, learn a new hobby or simply take a bubble bath? Now is the time, to make the time!