3 Wild Beauty Treatments to Keep that Summer Glow

Photo cred: SANTIAGO 

Photo cred: SANTIAGO 

Jet lag and dry autumnal climate changes be damned. Warm summer destinations may be fading in your memory but you earned that summer glow, now learn how to keep it.

These 3 wild and wonderful facials and 3 awesome products will keep you looking and feeling like you’re still on vacay, even if you're stuck back at your desk. 

FACE LOVE FIT  30 minutes // $45

One Fifth Ave NYC 10003

By far my favorite beauty adventure as of late, this 30 minute experience goes way beyond a typical facial. Founded on the principle that your skin can rejuvenate itself from the inside out, FaceLove uses facial exercises and massage to increase blood flow and collagen production for an instant glow that lasts. Plus they’ve partnered with Intelligent Nutrients to use 100% botanical, food grade products based on Ayurvedic principles that smell like an exotic vacation, but cost less than your Uber to the airport.


BEST FOR… Relaxation & pampering, boosting collagen production, easing fine lines and wrinkles

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WALK INS? Accepted


SKIN LAUNDRY 15 minutes // 3 treatments for $180, 10 for $500 + First is always free!

Photo cred Newport Magazine

Photo cred Newport Magazine

Locations worldwide, several in NYC & CA

It might take about 10 times to achieve the full benefits, but this laser light treatment from Skin Laundry yields results you can see (or rather, it gets rid of the scars and sun damage you DON’T want to see.) It only takes 15 minutes each visit with NO downtime, so it’s easy to work into your weekly routine. You can do it as often as every other day and it’s virtually painless. Neck and chest need some love too? Add them on for only $30 extra.


BEST FOR… Getting rid of sun damage, acne, and redness. Deep cleaning.

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Photo cred NY Observer

Photo cred NY Observer

FACE PLACE 60 minutes // $140

Locations in New York, Los Angeles and London

I sent a selfie in the middle of my FacePlace treatment to a girlfriend, and she thought I’d been in an accident. That’s because I had some crazy white cloth mask all over my face with wires attached that made me look either like a mummy, or a sock puppet being electrocuted. What I was doing was no accident. FacePlace uses something called “galvanic current” which it claims “helps to tighten and firm the skin tissue, regenerate and stimulate the skin cells, tighten the pores, increase circulation to the face, stabilize the ph of the skin and soothe the nerve endings.” Vitamin C and zinc are the star ingredients in FacePlace’s products, promising Benjamin Button style age reduction for over 40 years. Although they recommend more than one treatment to see results, I left feeling flushed and fresh.


BEST FOR… Anti-aging, tightening pores, stimulating collagen production.

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If you don't live in New York or LA, or simply want to keep up that glow between beauty appointments, these all natural and affordable beauty boosters will save the day.

Jojoba Company Jojoba Oil $15

Dry skin is dull skin. This hypoallergenic hydrator is also a natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, analgestic anti-inflammatory. PHEW! It’s also the perfect carrier for adding therapeutic essential oils like my faves from doTERRA.

Olivella Exfoliating Bar Soap $4

Dead skin is the enemy of glow. Slough off that winter dryness with an exfoliating bar soap that moisturizes at the same time. 

7th heaven Hot SPRING Sauna Clay Mask $2

This green and clean brand uses seasonal ingredients like ginger and pumpkin in a self-heating mask that naturally opens pores for a deep detox. Plus the packet is great for travel!



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