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Pumpkin for Breakfast: 3 Morning Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin for Breakfast: 3 Morning Pumpkin Recipes

Now back to when, where and how to eat pumpkin.  Sure it’s easy to find ways to bake pumpkin into desserts, or serve it up at suppertime – but what about first thing in the morning?  Click below for three tasty ways to give your breakfast a boost with this seasonal favorite.

A Decadent Chocolate Feast in A Mod Mini Dress


Although many love to believe that women in fashion don’t eat; for the most part that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  (Seriously, you should see how fast the catering disappears backstage before a runway show.)  Plus, let’s be honest – we ladies love our chocolate.  So it makes perfect sense that Belgian chocolate and ice cream brand, Magnum has a close knit relationship with the fashion industry – starting with Karl Lagerfeld as it’s spokesperson back in 2011.  It also makes perfect sense that at 5pm on a Wednesday night, the brand had no trouble filling seats for a dinner party hosted by James Beard award winning chef, Andrew Carmellini in the private dining and wine cellar of his gorgeous NoHo restaurant, Lafayette.  The occasion?  A celebration of Magnum’s latest collaboration between Carmellini and fashion designer, Christian Siriano to create “The World’s Most Fashionable Dessert.”

Although I’d received notice of the event via email weeks before, one week before the party, I received by messenger a giant bar of chocolate engraved with the details of the party.  “Now THAT’S an invitation”, I thought to myself as I broke off a corner and popped it into my mouth.  Being a full-fledged foodie, as well as half Belgian – I really can’t say no to a lavish meal punctuated with chocolate.  Even better when the meal itself is locally sourced and mostly organic… Lucky for me, chef Carmellini knew his crowd for this fashion-meets-food event and whipped up a meal filled with just such guilt-free ingredients.  Organic carrot soup, wild black bass from Long Island, and fava beans from an organic upstate farm called “Buried Treasures” were just a few of the delights that warmed us up for the main event: The Dessert. Double caramel with champagne mango and pineapple, coconut cream and basil: the chocolate “lace” trimmed bar is as much a mouthful to say as it was to eat… At one point I remember chef Carmellini gesturing to the plate while explaining something about the importance of champagne mangoes, but to be honest I could barely hear him through the symphony of my senses as I focused on the decadent flavors in front of me.  It’s a good thing (and definitely no accident) that the meal leading up to dessert had been fairly light, because from my left to my right and all around my table, not a single scrap of the bar remained on anyone’s plate.  In fact, one eager guest even snatched up the display dessert that Carmellini had used to explain the dessert to the crowd.  Seconds anyone?  Yes please.

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Lime green mini dress with pearl detail: DARLING

White leather & pearl purse: CHANEL from BELLA BAG

Black patent leather heels: ALAIA

White, blown glass ring: TRE

Cateye sunglasses: KAREN WALKER



RoomZoom's Launch Party: Date Or Roommate?


In many ways, finding a roommate is like finding a husband.  You’ve got a contract that binds and you share an address... so you’d better be darn sure you like the person!  Thankfully, now there’s an app for that.

Much like OKCupid or other dating apps, RoomZoom links like-minded roommates based on personality traits and lifestyle.  Hooray!  Now “Game of Thrones” addicts everywhere can spend Sundays together in front of the telly, while hoarders and neat freaks stay comfortably apart.  Genius.

Founded by my cutie petutie friend and Vanity Fair editor, Elien Blue BecqueRoomZoom is still in Beta, though it’s already growing rapidly in New York, Los Angeles and London. So clearly, a party to celebrate the app’s launch and mounting success was imperative.  Being the most social of social butterflies that she is, Elien hosted an impressive roster of her nearest and dearest friends for a Summer Solstice bash last week. Simbarashe (of Lord Ashbury) was in the mix – capturing every candid moment, while Juan Patino snapped portraits for the site of all of the gorgeous faces in attendance.   There were writers and musicians, editors and models, artists and art dealers… and little old me, just happy to be sipping rosé & nibbling dolmas with the eclectic mix of friends both old and new.

Maybe I was already channeling the endless stream of rosé when I chose my outfit for the eve: a flowy, hot pink Ramy Brookjumpsuit draped with a rose quartz BuDha Girl beaded necklace.  Either way, I didn’t need rose colored glasses to see the writing on the wall: if RoomZoom is anything like it’s launch party, it’s sure to be a smashing success!



Silk Jumpsuit – RAMY BROOKE

Quartzite & Pave Tassle necklace – BUDHA GIRL

Brushed Gold Bangles – VAN H

Blue Quartz Cuff – ANNA BECK

Round Blue Quarz Ring – ANNA BECK

Misc Other Rings – VAN H

Leather Foldover Clutch – CELINE from BELLA BAG

Tortoise Shell Wedge Sandal - GUCCI

Where I Went & What I Wore: A Picnic Party at The Glass House and a Cut-Out Carven Top

Where I Went & What I Wore: A Picnic Party at The Glass House and a Cut-Out Carven Top

Needless to say, The Glass House is worth a visit.  So when I was invited to attend The Glass House’s summer fundraising party, I leapt at the chance.  Especially when I learned that it would be sponsored by Swarovski and involve a picnic on the gorgeous lawn overlooking a pool and the house itself.  Cadillac generously lent me a CTS, and my best friend Ashley Gail Harris and I cruised over from NYC to New Canaan in a little over an hour.

A Schmancy Hollywood Party in a 1960's Tunic Suit via

Sometimes, business and pleasure coincide in the most delightful way.  Like when Cadillac invited me to their "Style Driven: 50 Style Stars" event with WhoWhatWear… in Los Angeles.  Yay!  Which is where one of my BFFs (Krystal) happens to live.

Double Yay!  And on the weekend that she was planning to road trip up to my hometown of San Francisco… for which Cadillac offered us a shiny new Escalade hybrid to test-drive!  So many “yays” that I’m starting to sound like a Yorkie puppy...

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Where I Went & What I Wore: Guggenheim Young Collector's Party

If the Guggenheim Young Collector’s Party had a theme, it would be simplicity and decadence combined. The stark white, multi level museum provided a sexy back drop for the gaggle of young, wealthy and beautiful guests in attendance. Party-goers were treated to an unlimited Pointy Snout caviar bar, where servers dolled out porcelain spoons and oyster shells filled with black pearls one after the other. DJ Chelsea Leyland spun from the center of the room, dressed in a red peplum dress and braid crown. So what does one wear to an evening of grandeur on a windy 12-degree night? My answer: a sequined white sheath dress, layered over a thin cashmere tank and Uniqlo Heattech tights. Yes, the secret to dressing up in the dead of winter; is hiding layers of warmth wherever you can! So while my sparkling sleeveless dress appeared cool, especially when paired with a dark plum lip and copious amounts of arm candy – I was anything but cold. Click through to see what I wore, and tips on winter cocktail attire.

Our Fashion Correspondent, Natalie Decleve is always out and about at the best events in NYC. Follow her posts here to see where she went and what she wore, and learn helpful tips to dressing for a fashionable life.

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A Valentine from Natty Style for Valentine-NYC

Valentine was begun by two gals, looking to bring romance to every day reality.  By photographing individuals in their own homes, own clothes, and interviewing them on their most intimate moments - the site breeds an authenticity that's charming and seductive.

So it makes sense that what started as a simple blog, has snowballed into a brand that will include products that speak to a the amorous lifestyle.  An exclusive fragrance and lingerie line are both due to launch in December, along with a host of events at Art Basel Miami.

As a female entrepreneur, I was thrilled to support these like minded ladies by working with them to create a feature for their site.  Below are highlights and video from the shoot, or click [HERE] for the real Valentine.

Gros bisous!


Natty Style

Alexis Bledel hosts dinner for Beckley By Melissa

Alexis Bledel hosts dinner for Beckley By Melissa

The whimsical decor was a perfect match for the collection, which is anchored by quirky prints like candy stripes and pastel beetles.  I've got my eye on the silk blouse and chiffon skirt set, which will soon be mine thanks to the generous gift card we received!  In attendance were some of the best in the biz, including Elle Creative Director Joe Zee, celebrity stylist Mia Morgan, PR maven Veronica Borchers & more.