A Lesson in Gratitude

Thanksgiving is always an opportunity to take stock of what we're grateful for in our lives. But every year as we go around the feast filled table, I can't help but wish this practice was more regular. It's so easy to take things for granted like your health... until you're sick, your friends... until they leave you, your home...until it's damaged. This year with the terror attacks in Europe, I am especially thankful for the safety of my family in Brussels, and the recent death of my friend's 45 year old brother in a car accident has me hugging my siblings just a little bit tighter. But it shouldn't take the reversal of something positive to shed light on it's value. And in fact, recognizing your blessings will surround you with positive, protective energy. 

It's amazing how insignificant your daily gripes become when you take the time to recognize the GOOD stuff. This quick practice (taught to me by my favorite friend & yogi, Rebecca Hajek) is a great way to welcome that calming insight, not just during the holiday season, but anytime you've got 30 seconds to say thanks. 

*A NATTY NOTE: The more specific you get with this practice, the better. If you're practicing regularly, it's great to even call out minute details from your day or week like "I am grateful for... the fresh batch of groceries in my fridge... that I got to catch up with my best friend over thai food... that I finished that book I was reading" etc. Calling attention to positive elements of your life will begin to crowd out any negative thoughts, leaving you more contented overall.