The Morning Scramble: A Healthy "How-To" Video!

It's widely believed that your first meal of the day is the most important.  Whether you prefer them poached, boiled or fried; eggs are undoubtedly the star of any American breakfast menu, and truthfully - they are all that they're cracked up to be!

In fact, restauranteur George Weld loves the incredible, edible egg so much that he dedicated his celebrated Brooklyn restaurant, EGG, to serving the humble protein all day, every day since 2005.    

As of this month, fans can bring home the bacon, and eggs with George's brand new cookbook, Breakfast!  To celebrate the book launch, I paid a visit to Brooklyn to find out why George calls eggs the "perfect food", and learn the shockingly simple secrets to the perfect scrambled eggs.  

Watch and learn!  

Video & photos by Betsi Ewing